Five Neglected Maintenance Topics for Asheville Used Cars

In a busy city like Asheville, used cars are everywhere. Some of those cars are owned by drivers who are meticulous about maintenance; they never miss a scheduled oil change and not a drop of ketchup has ever stained the seats. But most of us would have to admit that we neglect the maintenance of our cars quite a bit, usually waiting until a crisis of some kind forces us to open up the hood. Here are five of the most commonly neglected maintenance tasks for Asheville used cars-staying on top of them will extend your vehicle's life and keep it comfortable throughout its life span!


Oil Changes

You will see this topic at or near the top of any car maintenance list! The oil in your car's engine keeps its components running smoothly in connection with each other, and it can't do that if it has become dirty, thick, or leaked out altogether. Each time an engine runs on old oil or runs "dry," the components risk being damaged. The connections with all sorts of larger engine failures in the long run are obvious!

Tire Pressure and Rotation

Ignoring the condition and placement of your vehicle's tires for too long will lead to several risks. First, and most obvious, is the risk of a flat tire, as certain parts of the tire get worn down more quickly than others. But tire wear also creates an imbalance between the four tires, an imbalance that becomes more of a problem the faster the vehicle is moving. The added strain on the axles and steering mechanism will eventually lead to the need for expensive repairs. Rotating and balancing tires periodically is the best way to preserve the tires themselves and to reduce wear on the drivetrain.


Air filters and fuel filters are not permanent, although the owners of some Asheville used cars treat them that way! They are built to trap contaminants instead of allowing them to make their way into your vehicle's engine, and all of that debris has to go somewhere eventually. Be sure to check your car's owner's manual to see how often the manufacturer recommends new filters, and follow those specifications to preserve unrestricted flow of air and fuel into the engine.

If your car has a cabin air filter, you will need to replace it occasionally just as you replace the filters in your home's HVAC system. A dirty cabin air filter will put extra strain on your A/C system (see the next point!) by forcing it to work harder.

Air Conditioner

Unfortunately, Asheville used cars often lose their A/C capabilities due to a lack of maintenance. Even here in the mountains of North Carolina, the summers get hot enough that this is a real source of discomfort! It is also more difficult to sell your used car if the A/C is not functional. Keeping your air conditioner working is usually only a matter of having it serviced every four or five years so that a certified professional can recharge the unit's refrigerant.

Warning Signs

The last maintenance topic that used car owners commonly ignore is very simple: the warning signs that your car gives you that something is wrong! Some of those signs are explicit and clear-the "check engine" light is perhaps the best example. But be alert for the less obvious warning signs as well: strange sounds, unusual smells, and an odd feeling transferred through the steering wheel are some examples. All of these small, out-of-the-ordinary events are indications that there is a bigger problem growing in the car's inner workings, and you have a window of opportunity to get it repaired before it becomes a disaster and possibly puts you and your family in danger on the road.

At Franklin Ford, we strive to be the area's most trusted source for Asheville used cars and new Ford models. Hopefully, your diligent maintenance schedule keeps your vehicles running as long as possible, but when it is time to invest in a new car, please pay us a visit! You can get in touch with us through our website or visit us in person at our Franklin, NC showroom.
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