Ford Car Dealer in Waynesville, NC: Fuel Efficiency Basics

Fuel efficiency is a topic that becomes more popular or less popular, depending on lots of different factors. The economy, politics, and international affairs-as well as speculation on the direction of all three-all have a bearing on the price per gallon of fuel that we pay when we fill up our vehicles' tanks. When that price is relatively low, most of us don't worry too much about the fuel efficiency of our current or potential cars. But when that price skyrockets, we suddenly start looking for the most fuel-efficient vehicle on the lot of the car dealerships in Waynesville, NC. If there's one thing you can count on, it's that the price of fuel will be unpredictable in the coming years, and for that reason it's good to know at least the basics about fuel efficiency. Here are some thoughts to get you started:

Smaller is More Efficient

If you're wondering how you can get away with paying as little for fuel as possible, there's one big principle to keep in mind: the smaller the vehicle, the more efficient it probably is. That's very general, of course, and there's much more to consider. But if your top concern is fuel efficiency, you should start by looking at compact sedans, not large SUVs and minivans, at car dealerships in Waynesville, NC.

That being said, be careful not to buy a car that's too small for your family or your hobbies! If you have three children, a small car probably won't be large enough to carry your family and your luggage on a summer vacation. In those cases, you'll need to do some more detailed investigation into the fuel efficiency differences between SUVs and larger cars to find the sweet spot between space and fuel costs.

City and Highway

Have you ever wondered why there is a notable difference between fuel efficiency in city and highway driving? Intuition might suggest that driving on the highway would be less efficient, since your engine has to push your car at higher speeds. In reality, though, the least efficient actions of your engine are starting and stopping your vehicle. Once your car is in motion, it takes relatively little fuel to keep it moving. The frequent stops, starts, and speed changes of city driving burn fuel more quickly. What does this mean for you? It all depends on where the bulk of your driving occurs. If you live in an urban area and have a long commute to and from work every day, you'll want to pay more attention to the city MPG. If you travel cross-country regularly for work, on the other hand, the highway MPG will more accurately describe your overall fuel efficiency.

Hybrids and Electric Cars

We're living in an exciting era-many of the car dealershipsip Waynesville, NC are finally displaying the electric cars that we've been promised for decades! In general, an electric car or a hybrid (a system that switches between running on electric or fuel) uses far less fuel than a traditional engine. But these systems are still new, and they carry some complicating factors of their own that prevent them from being ideal alternatives to traditional vehicles for many drivers. For one thing, they cost more up front than their counterparts. Most experts agree that over the long term, the reduced fuel costs balance out that higher initial price tag, but it's still a huge factor for most shoppers at car dealerships in Waynesville, NC.

Another major disadvantage of today's electric models is their limited range. An all-electric vehicle can't drive more than about 100 miles before it needs to be recharged, making it a bad option for folks who take long trips on a regular basis. It's very likely that science will give us better batteries eventually, but until then, electric cars are best suited to folks who drive short distances and have plenty of time to recharge between trips.

Talk With Your Ford Car Dealer in Waynesville, NC

Your sales representative can tell you all about the fuel efficiency of the cars on the lot that fall within your family's price and size range. Be sure to take this critical factor into account when choosing your next car!

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