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Those of us who are older enjoy telling our younger family members and friends how different our used cars in Waynesville, NC used to be back in the "good old days" (although they might not enjoy hearing about them quite as much as we enjoy talking about them!). While we remember our first cars with fondness, the reality is that most of the changes that have taken place at used car dealerships in Waynesville, NC since then have been for the better. The cars our kids and grand kids drive today get better mileage, pollute the environment less, and rely on parts that have been researched and engineered for maximum efficiency. Of course, the most obvious changes to used cars in Waynesville, NC over the past few decades are in the areas of safety. Today, we're looking at some of the key safety features that help us reach our destination without incident-from the ones we barely think about to the very latest life-saving technologies.


The seatbelt, a simple tool that most of us use with barely a thought, stands as one of the most admired and effective inventions in our history. The genius of the seatbelt is in its simplicity, which encourages people to use it rather than ignore it. It doesn't cost you, as a driver or passenger, a lot of effort to buckle up, so you're willing to do it in return for the great potential reward: dramatically reducing your chance of injury or death in the event of an accident. We'll never know how many lives have been saved by seatbelts in used cars in Waynesville, NC, but it's certain that they are responsible for preventing many, many accidents from being much worse.


If the seatbelt requires minimal effort on the part of the user, an airbag requires none. From airbags packed into the steering wheel mechanism, the industry has progressed to using them on the passenger side and even in the side columns of modern vehicles, effectively turning most of the hard surfaces inside your car into cushioned ones during a severe accident. Airbags are now considered so important that most vehicles' computers will not allow them to run if they detect that the airbag has been deployed or is not properly installed.


Anti-Lock Brakes

New drivers usually assume that the brakes on used cars in Waynesville, NC work the same way as the brakes on their bike-when you apply pressure, a set of pads stops the wheels from turning. But since the 1950s, manufacturers have been adding anti-lock brake systems to modify that basic idea. In short, these systems prevent the brakes from stopping the wheels completely during an emergency stop, which gives the driver more control. Before the invention of anti-lock brakes, expert drivers learned to accomplish the same goal manually, but ABS-always being improved and built upon by modern car manufacturers-allow all drivers to enjoy this important safety benefit in the midst of an emergency stop.

Cameras and Sensors

Today's Ford models sold by new car dealers in Waynesville, NC offer a range of exciting, potentially life-saving features built on the ever-shrinking, ever-improving technology of cameras and other types of sensors. "Blind spots" have always created a hazard between drivers, but by mounting sensors in key areas, manufacturers can now give drivers a warning signal if they begin to merge or turn when those sensors detect another vehicle in the blind spot. Many sensors can even detect lane markings, warning the driver if he is drifting across the line into another lane or off the roadway.

Rear cameras help solve a low-speed but common problem: the difficulty of seeing objects or people directly behind a vehicle in reverse. This is a particular problem with tall vehicles, such as minivans and large SUVs. A rear camera shows the entire area behind the vehicle, helping the driver avoid hitting a pedestrian-or a bike carelessly left behind the van. In combination with rear cameras, some new models at Ford dealerships in Waynesville, NC even offer Active Park Assist, a system that helps drivers make it safely into that narrow parking spot or parallel park without hitting the surrounding vehicles.

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