Mileage Tips from Your Franklin Ford Outlets

There was a time (which many of us can still remember if we try hard enough!) when the cost of gasoline was a very minor topic of conversation. Fuel efficiency was not one of the most important features listed for most vehicles at car dealerships in Waynesville, NC, and we didn't think much about it when deciding how far to drive for the summer family vacation. The landscape is much different today! MPG is one of the top considerations in the minds of most people who visit Franklin Ford outlets looking for a new car, and you can find hundreds of bits of advice across the Internet-some more legitimate than others-on how to improve your vehicle's efficiency. Setting aside the more obscure and questionable ones, here are some basic, tried-and-true fuel efficiency tips from your Franklin Ford outlets:


Good Maintenance

Like any complicated machine, a vehicle's many moving parts depend heavily on one another. Nearly any adjustments to the engine, transmission, or tires will have some effect on MPG, but here are the biggest ones to be aware of:

  • Tire pressure. The way your tires make contact with the road surface either raises or lowers the amount of energy required to turn them. Check on a frequent basis to make sure your tires are at optimum pressure. This will also extend the life of your tires, which will actually save you much more money than your fuel costs!

  • Oil level and type. Take the time to do a little research to see what kind of oil is recommended for your engine, geographical location, and climate. The altitude and temperatures in your region have a bigger effect than you think on your engine oil's consistency. Putting the right quality and type of oil in your engine will help it to run as smoothly as possible and consume less fuel.

  • Obvious repair needs. It's in our nature as humans to ignore problems that will inconvenience us! If you hear funny sounds, notice funny smells, or see that your fuel efficiency is getting worse, have your Franklin Ford outlet's repair department take a look at your vehicle as soon as possible. You'll be glad you fit the repairs into your schedule in the long run.

Driving Advice

The vehicles sold at the various car dealerships in Waynesville, NC achieve their top fuel efficiency when they are driven the "right way." There are many bad driving habits that can lower your car's MPG-if you practice a few of them and can eliminate them, you may raise your efficiency noticeably without spending a dime!

  • Idling. It doesn't take much effort to switch the key off and switch it back on again! Idling is a huge waste of fuel, and it offers very little benefit. Many companies with vehicle fleets actually penalize their drivers for idling unnecessarily because it hurts their overall fuel efficiency.

  • Extra weight. Keeping golf clubs, tool chests, heavy equipment like air compressors or power generators, or other items in your trunk or truck bed might be convenient, but it adds to the weight that your engine has to move.

  •  Aggressive driving. Accelerating quickly, only to hit the brakes to slow down again, uses far more fuel than a smoother, less dramatic driving style. If you tend to fluctuate in speed on the highway, your cruise control might be a key to helping you maintain a more consistent speed and better fuel economy. Related to this topic, remember that for most vehicles, 50 MPH is the best speed for fuel efficiency. If you can stay close to that speed as much as possible, you will maximize your mileage, excluding other factors.

Select a Fuel-Efficient Car from Your Franklin Ford Outlets

More important than all the preceding tips is this: Buy a vehicle that is fuel-efficient! Consider a hybrid car like the Ford Fusion, or take the time to compare your "dream SUV" with similar models that might get you better mileage. There are plenty of great fuel-efficient options at your local Franklin Ford outlets, and the friendly, customer-oriented sales representatives at Franklin Ford can help you compare your needs with the various models that are available.

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