Top Four Reasons to Buy Used from Your Canton, NC Ford Dealer

With online classified listings more popular than ever, many people assume it is easy to find a great car for sale in Canton, NC without going through the "normal" car shopping process. Why would you visit your local Canton, NC Ford dealer to look for a used car when you can find any number of private owners selling their vehicles themselves online? In fact, there are plenty of good reasons to do exactly that, but today we are focusing on the top four. By working with a sales rep at a Canton, NC Ford dealer that you know you can trust, you can avoid a lot of headache and have the assurance that you are getting exactly what you expect in your used car.

4. Knowledgeable Sales Assistance

It's always a great idea to get the help of someone who knows more than you do about the subject at hand. You could search the online classified ads and identify vehicles that look like they might meet your needs, but when you visit your Canton, NC Ford dealer, you get something much better: a professional sales representative who knows how to assess your needs and recommend the best models to meet them. He'll point out how the most important features on each vehicle may affect your family and give you an expert perspective on what you should prioritize as you select your new car.

3. Ongoing Maintenance Support

Buying used cars in Franklin, NC from private sellers obviously gives you no ongoing support after the sale. For folks who have the full range of mechanical expertise necessary to maintain and repair their own vehicles, that may not be a problem. For the rest of us, though, it's important to know that we have a reliable place to take our cars when they need an oil change, a new battery, or more serious maintenance procedures. When you buy a used car from your Canton, NC Ford dealer, that peace of mind is part of the package. Our service department is committed to giving you the same high-quality customer experience that you had during the car shopping process.

2. Financing Availability

If paying cash for your used car simply isn't an option, you will find it much easier to buy a used car from your Canton, NC Ford dealer than from a private seller! After you sit down with our friendly financing experts, discuss your credit situation and budget, and figure out what payments you can afford, you will be ready to drive off the lot in your new vehicle right away. Even folks who are afraid they will not be able to obtain a loan due to bad credit or a lack of credit find that our agents come through for them every time.

1. Quality Assurance

By far the most important reason to shop for used cars in Canton, NC at a dealer rather than in the classified ads is quality assurance. When you buy a car from a stranger, you have no guarantee of reliability, vehicle history, or truthfulness on the part of the seller about the car's important features. Your Canton, NC Ford dealer, on the other hand, offers you peace of mind through the Certified Pre-Owned and other programs. When you choose a Certified Pre-Owned vehicle at Franklin Ford, you know it is less than six years old, under 80,000 miles, and has undergone a rigorous list of checks to ensure that it is worthy of your trust.

We also stand behind our used vehicles with limited comprehensive and power train warranties, sending you on your way with the confidence that your Canton, NC Ford dealer has your back. You certainly won't get that support from a private seller you find online!

You don't want to just choose any old car dealer in Canton, NC if you expect to enjoy these benefits along with your used vehicle. Franklin Ford has been serving the western NC community for over 14 years, building trust and relationships throughout Canton, Franklin, Asheville, and beyond. For a used car shopping experience that is enjoyable, smooth, and inspires confidence in your future with your new car, pay us a visit at Franklin Ford very soon.

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