Trading in Asheville Used Cars: What You Need to Know

For anyone shopping for used cars for sale in Asheville, NC, the option of a trade-in is an important factor to keep in mind. Trading in your old vehicle to help pay for a new one just makes sense, and it allows you to bypass a number of time-consuming, frustrating, and expensive steps. At the same time, car shoppers need to go into the trade-in process knowing what to expect: unfortunately, many people have an unrealistic idea about how much money their trade-in will be worth! If you have a car that you are looking at trading in as you shop for Asheville used cars, we hope that this advice from the dealership's perspective helps you plan for success.

Trading in Asheville Used Cars Avoids Hassle

When you are planning to replace your car with a newer model, you have two main options. First, you could trade in your old car for a discount at the dealership. Second, you could try to sell the old car yourself using an online classified service, your local newspaper, or word-of-mouth communication with friends and acquaintances. That route is surprisingly time-consuming, and many people discover that they have to contend with dozens of responses that are either not serious inquiries or are clever attempts to scam you out of some money. After talking to a lot of folks and trying to get a fair price, a significant percentage of these people end up lowering their asking price far below their original expectations just to get the vehicle off their hands and get on with their lives!

In addition to these factors, there are things like potentially bounced checks, title transfer details, and license plate return to deal with. By trading in your car at a dealership, you get efficient, expert help with these things and avoid having to figure them out on your own.

Things to Know About Trading in Asheville Used Cars

As a family-owned, customer-focused Ford dealership in your North Carolina community, we want you to know the truth about how your trade-in will be valued before you arrive at our showroom. For that reason, we feature a convenient form on our website that allows you to value your trade based on its year, make/model, mileage, and other basic factors. This form provides you with a preliminary value, but keep in mind that the value of your specific vehicle will be affected by structural integrity, engine condition, and other major criteria.

One important detail for you to know: superficial cleanliness is not a factor we consider with a trade-in! Many people spend a lot of time washing and cleaning out their car before bringing it to us, but our focus is really on the major features that are going to cost a lot of money and effort. So don't worry about taking your car through the car wash; we're going to be looking at things like the transmission and engine instead.

Do you confidently know the history of your car? If you didn't see a Carfax report on your vehicle when you chose it from among the many Asheville used cars available, you may be in for a surprise when you go to trade it in. It's not uncommon for us to investigate a trade-in car and discover that it was a salvage or wreck before the current owner purchased it. This has a negative effect on the car's trade-in value, and it's good for you to be aware of it before you take it to the showroom.

Your Source for Used Cars for Sale in Asheville

Franklin Ford, based in Franklin, NC, is located conveniently near Asheville and northern Georgia. We love working with families who are looking to upgrade to a larger or more fuel-efficient vehicle, and we look forward to doing the same for you. If you have a car to trade in, we hope these tips have been helpful for you, and we hope that you will let us make the trade-in process easy, efficient, and hassle-free. Check out the rest of our website and our car value calculator, and come by our Franklin showroom any time to see what's on the lot.

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