What’s Your Sylva, NC Ford Dealer Talking About?

When you're visiting your Sylva, NC Ford dealer to shop for your family's next vehicle, you want to be well prepared for the experience. The more you know about what features your ideal vehicle should have, the better you will be able to communicate with your sales representative and let him know exactly what you're looking for. But if you're not a "car person" already, some of the terms that your sales rep uses might begin to fly right over your head. Don't be offended-he's not trying to confuse you! These terms describe important features and equipment that will make a real, long-term difference to how well your new car serves you. If you know at least the basics about these terms, you will be able to answer questions about them intelligently and figure out which options are the best fit for you. With that in mind, here are some quick explanations of some of the more confusing terms you might hear used by new car dealers in Sylva, NC.

4WD and AWD

The first time your Sylva, NC Ford sales rep asks you if you're looking for a four-wheel drive or all-wheel drive vehicle, you might think it's a trick question. A car only has four wheels, right? Correct, but these two transmission systems are much different from each other. Four-wheel drive has a very specific advantage: it is great for off-roading. In its simplest form, four-wheel drive (4WD) distributes equal power to all four wheels all the time, providing maximum grip and power over terrain that is constantly changing underneath the vehicle's tires. However, on paved roads 4WD is less efficient and harder to control than other transmission setups.

All-wheel drive (AWD) is completely different. It's based on advanced computer technology that constantly adjusts the distribution of power to all four wheels for maximum value for any given maneuver or terrain type. Even an action as simple as a right-hand turn triggers a change in power distribution to the right tires versus the left tires, making the turn smooth and efficient. The bottom line is that the AWD cars at your Sylva, NC Ford dealer are much more likely to be useful to you than the 4WD ones, unless you are specifically looking to do a lot of off-road adventuring.

Four or Six Cylinders?

At any used car dealership in Sylva, NC, you'll hear sales reps talking about whether a car has a four-cylinder or a six-cylinder (usually called a "V6") engine. It's not too hard to figure out that a four-cylinder engine is probably smaller than a six-cylinder, but which one is right for you? It all depends on what your priorities are for your car's engine. In today's age of environmental consciousness and threats of rising fuel prices, four-cylinder engines have become more popular because they simply consume less fuel. However, if you're used to a car with a powerful engine, a 4-cylinder could leave you a little disappointed. The engine's cylinders are where the fuel ignition happens, so the more cylinders that are active at one time, the more power they can deliver to the transmission to drive the wheels.

Incidentally, if you're wondering why your Sylva, NC Ford dealer calls it a "V6" engine, it's because the six cylinders are oriented in a "V" formation to save space, rather than in a straight line as in a four-cylinder engine.

Liters of What?

In most Sylva, NC Ford listings online, you'll see the engine's liter size displayed. Your first question could well be "Liters of what?" Is that referring to fuel, water, or some other mysterious engine fluid that you should know about but don't? In fact, that number tells you how much volume is represented inside the engine's cylinders. Remember that the cylinders are where the fuel ignition happens-with each motion, the cylinder pulls in both air and fuel, which then explode inside the chamber. The combined volume of all four, six, eight, or however many cylinders makes up the number of liters listed for that engine. If you're still confused, you can think of it this way: the relationship between different engines' liter sizes usually reflects the relationship of the horsepower that those engines can provide.

Feel free to ask our friendly, expert Sylva, NC Ford sales reps any questions you have about these or other engine terms. They'll be more than happy to explain them to you and match you up with the vehicle that's exactly right for your family!

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